Review products you love ⚡ Find companies you trust ⚡ Earn Bitcoin




“Information should be free, but your time should not” - Steve Wozniak

One of the coolest things about Bitcoin and Lightning right now is the emerging cambrian explosion of companies, products, creators, and media.
At the same time, it’s getting harder to separate signal from noise. As the industry grows, reputable products and sources of information are being drowned out and obscured.

Sorting through all the options for exchanges, wallets, nodes, and so on - this is hard enough for seasoned bitcoiners, let alone new ones.

So what’s the solution? At Apollo we think that, yes, Bitcoin fixes this too. So we’re building a platform on the Lightning network that allows bitcoiners to review products they love, find those they can trust, and earn Bitcoin in the process.



Do you have strong opinions about Bitcoin products?

Are you willing to die on that hill??

Do you wish someone would pay you sats to shill your favorites???

Great news - we will!!