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  • Unchained Capital vs Casa: Comparing Bitcoin Custody Solutions for Maximum Security

Unchained Capital vs Casa: Comparing Bitcoin Custody Solutions for Maximum Security

Explore the features, security, and benefits of Unchained Capital and Casa to find the best Bitcoin custody solution that fits

When it comes to securing your Bitcoin, choosing the right custody solution is crucial. In this article, we'll compare two popular Bitcoin collaborative custody services, Unchained Capital and Casa, to help you make an informed decision based on your priorities and budget.

Unchained Capital Overview

Unchained Capital offers a two-of-three key custody solution as their standard offering. The multisig wallet requires two out of three keys to authorize transactions, ensuring access to your Bitcoin even if one key is lost or stolen. Unchained capital controls one of the three keys, with which they can’t move your bitcoin, but can collaborate to move bitcoin if you lose one of the two keys under your control.

Unchained’s Personal Vault service costs $250/year, which provides access to standard vault features. You will need to bring your own hardware device for key management and setup the multisig wallet yourself. Unchained also offers additional services:

  • Concierge onboarding for $750 which includes guided setup over video call and inheritance protocol.

  • For $6,000/year, you can avail Unchained’s premium offering - Unchained Signature, which provides dedciated account management, white-glove setup, Trust, IRA accounts and more.

Unchained Reviews

Casa Overview

Casa offers three plans – Free, Standard, and Premium – with varying degrees of security and features. The Free plan is not a multsig vault and with only a single key stored on your mobile device. The Standard Plan is a two-of-three multisig solution and costs $250/year.

The Premium Plan costs $2,100/year and builds on the Standard plan with a five key vault, personal onboarding, 24/7 support, and a welcome package including 3 hardware devices.

Casa Reviews

Comparing Unchained Capital and Casa: Pros and Cons

Unchained Capital Pros

  • Unchained is 100% focussed on Bitcoin and doesn’t support any other tokens. For Bitcoin only customers, this can be a plus in terms of focussed product development.

  • Collaborative custody for custom multisig wallet solutions

  • Guided setup for a one-time fee

Unchained Capital Cons

  • No free tier

  • Requires KYC

Casa Pros

  • A free tier with a single key setup

  • KYC-free option for the Standard Plan

  • Video verification service for enhanced security

Casa Cons

  • No guided setup without a Premium Plan

  • Casa supports additional tokens (ETH at the time of this writing), which can be a concern for Bitcoin only investors who are looking for a minimized attack surface area and narrow product focus.


Selecting the right Bitcoin custody solution depends on your priorities and budget. If KYC is your main concern, you can consider Casa. For a Bitcoin-only wallet, Unchained is a popular choice.

The price difference between Unchained and Casa premium offerings is very significant. To securely custody signficant value in Bitcoin, Casa’s premium tier offers good value with personal onboarding and 24/7 support.

By evaluating your personal preferences and budget, you can choose the Bitcoin custody solution that best suits your needs, ensuring the safety of your digital assets.