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Introducing the Zebedee Wallet: Gaming Meets Lightning Network

Zebedee - Have fun and stack sats

Zebedee Wallet is a mobile wallet designed primarily for gaming enthusiasts who want to earn Bitcoin through playing games. It supports the Lightning Network, allowing for faster and cheaper transactions. The wallet is custodial, which means users do not have full control over their private keys. However, this might not be a significant concern for beginners or those who only store small amounts of Bitcoin.

Key Features of the Zebedee Wallet

Gaming Integration: Zebedee Wallet enables users to earn Bitcoin by playing various games, including Bitcoin Miner and Counter Strike. By connecting the wallet to these games, users can directly withdraw their earnings into the wallet.

Lightning Address: The wallet provides users with a customizable Lightning Address, making it easy to receive payments without generating an invoice. This feature is particularly useful for collecting tips or sharing the address with others.

Simple to Use: Zebedee Wallet is generally considered user-friendly, with 26 Apollo reviewers mentioning its simplicity. It is an excellent starting point for beginners looking to explore Bitcoin and the Lightning Network.

User Experience on Apollo

Zebedee Wallet has an average rating of 4.2 stars based on 79 reviews on Apollo. While the wallet has some positive aspects, it also has a few drawbacks:


Fun way to stack sats: Many users, like the one quoted below, appreciate the wallet's integration with games that allow them to earn Bitcoin while playing. This feature sets Zebedee Wallet apart from other wallets and appeals to gamers who want to earn some bitcoin

Customizable Lightning Address: Users also appreciate the customizable Lightning Address, which makes it easy to receive payments without generating an invoice.


High Fees: Some users have complained about the wallet's high fees when compared to other wallets, such as WalletOfSatoshi.

Withdrawal Process: The withdrawal process can be slow for some users, with difficulties in estimating fees and multiple attempts required to complete the transaction.

No On-chain Connection: The wallet does not have a connection to on-chain transactions, a feature available in some other Lightning Network wallets like WoS, Muun, or Bluewallet.

Custodial: As a custodial wallet, users do not have complete control over their private keys, which might be a concern for those looking for more control over their funds.

Below are some reviews from Zebedee users:


Zebedee Wallet offers a unique experience for gamers looking to earn Bitcoin through playing games. With its Lightning Network integration and customizable Lightning Address, it makes it really easy for people to get started with lightning. This makes it a great way to onboard people into Bitcoin from a completely different perspective. Many Zebedee users own bitcoin for the very first time though this app.