Bitcoin Basics
Nov 21, 2023

The Lightning Network: Upholding and Enhancing the Principles of Bitcoin

Lightning Network: Enhancing Bitcoin's Core Principles, Scalability, Privacy, Financial Inclusion, and Global Accessibility

The Lightning Network: Upholding and Enhancing the Principles of Bitcoin

The Lightning Network (LN) is emerging as a portal to the Bitcoin network for everybody. LN  addresses Bitcoin's scalability and transaction speed challenges enabling a low-cost easy-to-use solution which allows anyone with a smartphone or internet connection to access the network. 

However, its importance goes beyond providing a technical fix; this article explores how the Lightning Network adheres to and amplifies the core principles of Bitcoin, even enhancing their impact by addressing privacy concerns.

21 Million Coins:

The Lightning Network operates on top of the Bitcoin blockchain, meaning it does not create new coins or alter the 21 million cap in any way. Instead, it uses smart contract functionality to enable rapid, low-cost transactions, helping preserve the scarcity and value of Bitcoin.

No Censorship:

The LN is built on the foundation of decentralization and censorship-resistance, just like the underlying Bitcoin network. By using onion routing and other privacy-enhancing techniques, LN ensures that no single entity can control or censor transactions, allowing users to transact freely and without fear of interference.


The Lightning Network's development is entirely open-source, with numerous implementations available for anyone to read, modify, copy, or share. This transparency fosters collaboration and innovation within the community, promoting the development of new features and improvements that benefit all users.


The LN maintains the permissionless nature of Bitcoin, allowing anyone to join and participate in the network without needing approval from a central authority. Users can run their own Lightning nodes, open channels with other nodes, and transact with anyone on the network, fostering a truly global and inclusive financial ecosystem.


Like Bitcoin, the Lightning Network supports pseudonymous transactions, enabling users to maintain their privacy and conduct transactions without revealing their identities. LN further enhances privacy by using onion routing, which obfuscates transaction paths and makes it difficult for third parties to link transactions to specific users.


The Lightning Network supports the fungibility of Bitcoin by treating all coins as equal and interchangeable. LN transactions are conducted off-chain, reducing the potential for chain analysis and ensuring that coins remain indistinguishable from one another, regardless of their transaction history.

Irreversible Transactions:

While LN transactions occur off-chain, they are ultimately secured by the underlying Bitcoin blockchain. When a channel is closed, the final transaction is recorded on the blockchain, making it irreversible and immutable. This feature maintains the security and trustless nature of Bitcoin, while also allowing for increased scalability and transaction throughput.

As the Bitcoin ecosystem expands, the Lightning Network emerges as a vital solution to address scalability challenges inherent to Bitcoin's main chain. The appeal of LN as a layer 2 network lies not only in its scaling capabilities but more importantly in its adherence to and enhancement of Bitcoin's core values.